Token Name: Finamatrix

Symbol: FIX
Token ID: GS5RfWDS8ytVnxqr7M2pnqeFuu7BpSwGnADTcw23FvbZ
Total Supply: 1,000,000,000 Tokens
Voting Rights:  1 FIX = 1 Voting Right (We can reissue or burn tokens according to votes or market conditions)
Public Issue: 500,000,000 Tokens (Subject to changes before end of ICO)
Founder Team & Partners: 30% of total tokens
Max Cap: Circa 88,000 BTC.

Note: Please double-check the Token ID before buying Finamatrix token.

We accept BITCOIN and other currencies of equivalent value.

The Finamatrix token Sales Schedule

Early birds who buy now get the cheapest price per token.

1st Tier :   30,000 FIX tokens at 1 BTC (Capped at 10m tokens)

2nd Tier :    18,000 FIX tokens at 1 BTC (Capped at 30m tokens)

3rd Tier :    13,000 FIX tokens at 1 BTC (Capped at 60m tokens)

4th Tier :     8,000 FIX tokens at 1 BTC (Capped at 180m tokens)

5th Tier :    3,800 FIX tokens at 1 BTC (Capped at 220m tokens)

1. Visit to start a new account.
2. Transfer Bitcoin to your waves wallet.
3. In waves wallet (see diagram below), click the icon (top third from left) to enter the Waves Decentralized Exchange (DEX). On the right side of DEX, click WAVES/BTC to buy some Waves using Bitcoins. You will need 0.003 waves (less than a few cents USD) per transaction.
4. Then in the top left menu, type in Finamatrix and check ID:
5. To buy FIX, in Finamatrix Sell Orders, please click the sell order with the price that suits you, then complete your buy order by checking the amount and click BUY.
6. After successful purchase, you immediately receive FIX tokens in your wallet and it is immediately tradeable in Waves DEX (and other exchanges in future).